When I grow up

When I grow up… Actually, when I move on to the next phase of my life, I want to help people. It sounds simple enough, but I REALLY want to help a lot of people. Not just my family, friends and neighbors, but thousands or hundreds of thousands of people.

Right now I’m in the “raise and nurture my kids” phase and I really enjoy it, but it tapers off as they get older and I’ll have more time and resources available. I’m not at the point yet where I “retire” and have a slow, leisurely paced lifestyle where I kick back and take it easy. There will be time for that when I’m old. I’m at the early-midpoint of my life and now is the time for action, not leisure.

I’m only starting on the next phase, but I know a few things about my master plan:

  1. I need to be realistic. At first it will be small relief projects, but over time the number of people helping, the size of the projects and the number of people that are impacted will grow.  Some example ideas are:
    1. Personal shelter/survival kits for the homeless and displaced.
    2. Small portable relief shelters that sleep up to 6 people.
    3. Small scale power generation for remote people and communities.
    4. Education and instructional programs for helping people do things better for themselves, their communities and the planet.
    5. Provide job opportunities for the homeless and displaced within the projects.
    6. Websites and mobile applications for small businesses to help them manage their business.


  2. I’m going to need a lot of resources:
    1. Money (donations, grants and business revenue)
    2. Technology
    3. Hardware
    4. Knowledge
    5. People


  3. I’m going to need people. I can accomplish a lot more with a team than as a “lone wolf”.
    1. People to help brainstorm the issues and the solutions.
    2. People to help manage and implement the projects.
    3. People that have resources we need.
    4. People that know how to get access to resources.
    5. People to be on project teams here and abroad.
    6. People that know the logistics of moving supplies/people across country and into other countries.


  4. I need to be based in a place where I have access to a lot of resources. At this point, as far as I know, the US has the best access to those resources, but I plan to travel abroad a lot to help with planning and implementing the projects. For now San Antonio is where my home is and where my kids are. In the future that may change but not for a while.

So if you’re reading this, and it sounds like something you would be interested in helping with in any way, let me know. It will take me a while to get to the point where I can utilize everyone’s help,  but let me know how you can help and I’ll figure out how to work you into the plan.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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